The September Squeeze – Choosing Sanity


As I write those words, I feel my throat tightening, my heart thumping and my brow glistening with sweat.  It’s like a little 3-piece combo that’s playing the hot nightclub inside me: “Come down and see us, we’re here the entire month of September!” And here’s why the squeeze happens.   First of all, we […]

Your Parents Are Coming! Your Parents Are Coming!

I couldn’t resist the headline, but be assured, I am not comparing a family visit to a British Invasion. However,  if your family visits do make you take cover in the nearest bunker, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming blog post: ”How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?”  But I digress. […]

Do You Really Need To Be Liked in the Board Room?

Do you?  Some of the tougher ladies among us might say, “no.” But you know what?  Most of us do want to be liked.  So do men as a matter of fact. And yet, it seems that even after acquiring Scholarships, MBA’s, PhD’s and promotions, we still feel like a vulnerable 5th grader, hoping we […]

Are You Producing Your Own Situation Comedy?

If you’re a working mother, you are producing one of the most hilarious and heartwarming shows out there.  And you are doing it for a very selective audience – you, your family, colleagues and friends. As you well know, it takes a talented Producer to keep a show on the air for many years and […]

Work – Family Balance in just 5 short weeks!

Part 5:  Share Your Success! GOOD FOR YOU!  You created Work – Family Balance in just 5 short weeks!  Actually, you created many moments of balance possibly surrounded by a few moments of: •  Overwhelm •  Frustration •  Exhaustion Am I right?  But, if you had even one moment where you glimpsed the possibility of […]

The Best Recipe For Work – Family Balance

Part 4:   Stirring It Up and Making It Happen! Last week YOU identified the value of Work – Family Balance for YOU!  Figuring out why it might work for the mom sitting next to you at the PTA meeting or the mom sitting in the office next door, might be interesting, but probably won’t get […]

What’s the Value of Work-Family Balance?

Part 3:  What is Work – Family Balance Worth to You? Last week we started to uncover your incredible secrets for creating Work – Family Balance by: 1.  Identifying some of the times in which you notice more work – family balance in life. 2.  Strengthening the muscles that you use to create that balance. […]

Discover Your Work-Family Balance Secrets TODAY!

Part 2 -  What are YOUR Work-Family Balance Secrets? I can hear you now.  “I don’t have any secrets, that’s why I am reading this article!”  But here’s the truth: You actually have every answer you need to create Work–Family Balance in your life. How do I know this?  I have worked with hundreds of […]