What are you afraid of?

Clearly we care for our kids, but if we are afraid of our child’s world and feel we need to protect them at every turn, are we actually creating an environment in which all we can see is danger? If we expect a world that doesn’t nurture our children, are we creating that too? What do I mean by “creating?” I mean that we see what we are looking for in life and if we are looking for a world that is scary, we will find plenty of things to be afraid of.

I’m living in the spin cycle!

If we break down the phrase, we find some powerful words. First of all, we’re “living” – better than the alternative and all that. What about “spin cycle?” The spin cycle is just that, it’s a cycle. One of the inherent truths about a cycle is that it is constantly changing. Maybe we can accept this part of the cycle with the knowledge that the cycle changes and with those changes come new opportunities.

You are not being a good listening girl

Maybe if I listened better, more deeply and more often, my children would listen to me? At least I could be a better role model. So off I go armed with awareness, ready to hear my world and actually listen. I’ll let you know what happens – I’m sure you’ll be “all ears.”