7 Tips to Riding the Lazy Days of Summer Into The School Year

July is still lingering, like a child who does not want to leave the beach after a long and sandy water-logged day. August is dragging its heels – doing her part to extend summer as long as possible.  Thankfully, our old friend Labor Day is but a distant concept. And yet, we are already being […]

Lost in Space and Loving It!

For the last two weeks, I have had more space in my schedule and it has been wonderful.  More space means that I have time to think.  Time to do whatever needs to be done in that moment.  Time to see friends that I have been meaning to see for too long. And where did […]

Too much input

Today I met my breaking point. Too much input and not enough time for all the output I am responsible for. I felt like Lucy and Ethel at the request conveyor belt, trying to catch up, but the requests kept coming. I felt my chest tighten and my head get hot. Is this an anxiety attack?

You’ll Never Eat Lunch in This Town AGAIN!

Well, you’ll never eat lunch in this town until 2010! I cannot think of anymore variations on the lunch I make for my three children. Peanut butter, Nutella, fresh fruit, dried fruit, protein bars, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, soup, I can’t do no more.. I CAN’T DO NO MORE!

What are you afraid of?

Clearly we care for our kids, but if we are afraid of our child’s world and feel we need to protect them at every turn, are we actually creating an environment in which all we can see is danger? If we expect a world that doesn’t nurture our children, are we creating that too? What do I mean by “creating?” I mean that we see what we are looking for in life and if we are looking for a world that is scary, we will find plenty of things to be afraid of.