Leadership Development

Do you feel you are spending too much time micro-managing your team?

Do you wonder why they don’t take more initiative?
Do you worry when they do take initiative, they won’t make good choices?

You’re a good manager – but you could be a great leader!

Jamee’s support was discrete and career-based.  Her ability to quickly relate to and understand professional business and the related interpersonal / family circumstances of my job made her a great fit for my tight schedule and my need to see rapid results.  She is very open minded and easy to talk to and made me feel like I had someone on my side immediately—to help me make changes.

She provided me with tools for specific interpersonal communications, which I had previously faced as confrontational dead ends. Working with her on a regular basis for this time really helped me to better prepare for meetings, and be clear about how I wanted to benefit from each challenge.

Beth Stewart, Principal & CEO United Catalyst

There is a difference between managing and leading

Just about every person in an organization has an opportunity to manage at one time or another but only some choose to step forward into leadership.

A manager tells people what to do.

     A leader shows people a way forward.

A manager gets involved in minutia.

     A leader focuses on the “big picture.”

A manager gets involved in circular conversations.

     A leader trusts that she will be told if she is needed.

A manager wants to be heard.

     A leader wants to listen.

But how do you transform from manager to leader when you find yourself in a dance with your direct reports who lack initiative, drop the ball and make dumb mistakes?

Change the dance.

The transition from manager to leader is a process and it starts with you changing the way you are dancing with your team and direct reports.

I can help you change that dance by changing your perspective, goals and the way you communicate up, down and peer to peer in your organization.

If you are ready to take this step forward in your career, I would love to talk to you and share my ideas.  I offer a complimentary discovery session where we will identify:

  1. Clear leadership goals for you
  2. Blocks that are getting in the way of you achieving those goals.
  3. Strategies that you can begin to use to change the dance.

During the six enlightening months working with Jamee, I became better equipped to understand why certain people behave the way they do and how to identify these behaviors in advance to avoid conflict in the work place.

Jamee gave me the tools to not only identify the behavior but the various tactics that diffuse the problem before it gets out of control allowing me to get what I need in order to complete the task at hand.  Jamee taught me how to deal with difficult people, situations and my own desire for change.

Allyson Terry Goldsby, Entertainment Marketing Executive

If you’ve ever felt a knot in your stomach about personality issues between your direct reports,

Or avoided a conversation because you just don’t know where to begin,

Or lost your temper with your team,

Or taken over and done all the work yourself because you are too frustrated to explain it one more time, let’s have a conversation.

Jamee’s ability to help identify strategies that work for me has truly improved my own ability to do so.  One of her great strengths is her amazing intuition and ability to identify and articulate her insights on whatever topic we are discussing.

Her questions and comments are spot on in helping me explore a subject in a deeper, more relevant way.

Jamee’s directness, kindness and sense of humor also help provide for a productive, enlightening, positive and safe experience.

Every session leaves me feeling more inspired and more tuned into myself.  I will always be grateful to have found such a skilled and compassionate coach!

Julie Dwyer, Non-Profit Executive