Is Executive Coaching Right for You?

Have you ever played 3-dimensional chess? If you are an executive, I’ll be you’re playing it right now.

Here’s the game:

  • Communicate effectively to obtain “buy-in” and support for your initiatives and strategies.
  • Be conscious of your own moves and how they support your career trajectory.
  • Deal with challenging personalities that are moving around the board and exhibiting bad sportsmanship (every company has a couple of these people.)
  • Negotiate win-win scenarios with your team-mates and opponents.
  • Be respected for who you are and what you bring to the table.

Playing the game well, can be simple.  It’s about strategy and communication.  Slight tweaks in the way we view and deal with co-workers, direct reports and supervisors can make the difference between loving or hating your job.

Here are some of the focus areas we may cover in executive coaching, in addition to what you bring to the table:

  • Navigating office politics.
  • Communicating to build loyalty and support the bonds between team members.
  • Enhancing effectiveness and building energy and passion for your role.
  • Developing leadership abilities.
  • Clarifying goals and creating action plans that are targeted and realistic.
  • Creating accountability structures that are achievable.
  • Designing strategies for career trajectory and transition.

Executive coaching is a streamlined approach to workplace problem solving.

Great executives create great companies.   A wonderful leader will elicit the best from her employees, provide support, learning opportunities and inspire others to lead as well.

Leading teams and direct reports is a skill in itself, but often we are not well-trained or prepared to manage people.  We become managers because we are very good at what we do, and then we are expected to jump into a management role without the training we need to truly win at the job of management.

Developing your leadership skills:

  • will help a manager build the skill sets needed while on the job.  Good management requires diplomacy, effective communication skills, a clear vision and the ability to delegate.
  • will help you trouble shoot challenges in real time with direct reports.
  • will show you small ways to shift your approach that will yield big results in terms of job satisfaction, productivity and loyalty.
  • will help you to manage across generations; millennials, Gen-x and Baby Boomers.

Let’s schedule your complimentary phone session so that I can learn more about the unique challenges you are facing in your work place and together, we can create a strategy that excites you about moving forward toward your goals.

During the six enlightening months working with Jamee, I became better equipped to understand why certain people behave the way they do and how to identify these behaviors in advance to avoid conflict in the work place. 

Jamee gave me the tools to not only identify the behavior but the various tactics that diffuse the problem before it gets out of control allowing me to get what I need in order to complete the task at hand.  Jamee taught me how to deal with difficult people, situations and my own desire for change.

Allyson Terry Godsby, Marketing Executive

Jamee’s ability to help  identify strategies that work for me has truly improved my own ability to do so.  One of her great strengths is her amazing intuition and ability to identify and articulate her insights on whatever topic we are discussing. 

Her questions and comments are spot on in helping me explore a subject in a deeper, more relevant way.  Jamee’s directness, kindness and sense of humor also help provide for a productive, enlightening, positive and safe experience. 

Every session leaves me feeling more inspired and more tuned into myself.  I will always be grateful to have found such a skilled and  compassionate coach! 

Julie Dwyer, Non-Profit Executive