Elevate Your Coaching Practice through Expert Coach Mentoring, Supervision, Training and Continuing Education

Jamee’s deep insight to coaching and her understanding of people assisted me greatly in my development of a coach. If Jamee’s “teaching” technique are any indication of her professional coaching style, Jamee is one heck of a coach!

Gregg Swanson, Peak Performance Coach

Jamee has a sensitivity and insight into the process of coaching that leads her students to a greater awareness and learning. Her forthright and constructive feedback was always given in the most positive of manners. She challenged me to grow.

Pixie Stevenson, LMP Specializing in Mind/Body Therapy

Maybe you are a coach working toward your ICF credential renewal and you would like your continuing education to be inspiring and thought-provoking (maybe even fun)?

Perhaps you are a coach looking for a mentor to help you prepare for your ACC Renewal, an ICF portfolio track credential or to hone your skills in a positive and acknowledging atmosphere?

It could be that you are a coach who is looking for coach specific training hours that will give you a chance to learn and collaborate with colleagues?

Or, you may be interested in engaging in a reflective practice with a coach supervisor, trained to partner with you, as you use your insights about and experience of coaching to elevate your practice.

It doesn’t really matter how you got here, I am so happy that you have arrived.  And I hope we get a chance to meet on the phone and/or work together.

I have been coaching, mentoring and training since 2002 and I am absolutely convinced of the power of coaching.  I have seen it in my own work as a coach and have witnessed it when mentoring and training other coaches.

This is why I am committed to coaching as a profession and to supporting other coaches in their work.

As a mentor, I offer one-on-one and group mentoring for ACC and PCC level coaches.  I’ve seen my mentees use their own incredible abilities to expand their learning, take risks and experience incredible growth through the mentoring process.

As a supervisor, I will engage with you in a peer-to-peer, collaborative and dynamic process that is designed to support your professional development.

As a trainer I co-created three programs approved by the ICF for CCEUs, with my partner Sheri Boone, MCC: Deeper Conversations for Credentialed Coaches, Mentor Coach Certification and Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged.

The Deeper Conversations program gives participants a chance to engage in a dialogue with each other and with the trainers, about the ICF Core Competencies.  Our goal is that coaches gain a deeper understanding of the competencies and how to express them in their coaching.  Coaches can earn up to 30 CCEUs in the ICF Core Competencies, by participating.

Mentor Coach Certification is offered for coaches with at least 300 hours of coaching experience, who would like to add coach mentoring to the list of services they offer.  Coaches can earn 24 CCEUs by participating.

Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged is a free offering once per month.  Participants are given the opportunity to listen in on masterful coaching live.  Each session is followed by a debrief and the attendees are invited to participate.  Coaches can earn 1 CCEU per session for a nominal fee, or attend the calls at no charge.

Coaching works, plain and simple.  
I love coaches and I love participating in their learning.

Learn more about Mentor Coaching, Continuing Education and Coaching Supervision

Please contact me at jamee@jameetenzer.com to ask about any of these services.  I am happy to get on the phone with you and chat.

Have a wonderful day!