Continuing Education Opportunities for Coaches

As a mentor coach and coach trainer I know how important it is to have a variety of continuing education options that provide the opportunity to listen to masterful coaching, delve into the core competencies at a deep level and develop mentoring and coaching skills – all in a safe and welcoming environment for learning.

It is with this in mind, that my partner Sheri Boone, MCC and I, have developed 3 continuing education opportunities below along with a collection of 8 coaching sessions that demonstrate the absolute best that coaching has to offer.

Thank you for such an excellent session to start the Unplugged series … Peter Reding – a totally inspiring choice to launch these sessions. Much appreciation for holding the space for this to happen. 

Halina Jaroszewska, PCC Executive Coach

You are invited to come along and listen to coaching sessions conducted live by masterful coaches and then engage in a Q & A with your colleagues and the coach. This series is for you if you are:<

▪    A new coach or working toward your coaching credential

▪    A seasoned coach looking for professional development

▪    Someone with an interest in coaching who wants to hear experienced coaches do what they do best

Learn more and register here Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged

Continuing Coach Education
Deeper Conversations Coaching – (Earn up to 30 CCEUs by December 2018)  The Deeper Conversations Coaching Program offers you the chance to earn up to 30 CCEUs (all in the Core Competencies) in plenty of time to renew your ICF Credential by December 2018. Pick and choose the classes you wish to attend based on the CCEUs you would like to earn. Participate with other coaches just like you and take an in-depth look at some of the powerful ICF Core Competencies from a new and deeper perspective. Learn more by visiting:  Deeper Conversations Coaching
Mentor Coach Certification
Mentor Coach Certification (Become a Certified Mentor Coach & earn CCEUs) In the Mentor Coach Certification program you will learn to mentor other coaches using the ICF Mentor Coach Competencies and the ICF Core Competencies, while strengthening your own coaching expertise. At the end of the 12 week course, you will earn a CMC (Certified Mentor Coach) designation. In addition you will earn 24 ICF CCEUs (15 in the Core Competencies and 9 in Resource Development.) Please visit Mentor Coach Certification to learn more.
Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged
Listen to Real Coaching (56 masterful coaching sessions) We know that you are committed to growing and learning as a coach.  And one of the best ways to learn is to find opportunities to hear masterful coaches work with their clients.  Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged offers the opportunity to listen in on 8 amazing coaching sessions. Learn more by visiting Listen to Real Coaching