5 Steps to Staying Connected to Friends (for Breadwinner-Mommies)

You’ve got friends, right? Of course you do – they pop up on Facebook or Instagram.  They just got married, broke up or re-ignited an old flame. They share their political quotes and take pictures of every amazing and colorful meal they eat.  You know their children even better than you know your own children and you are happy to “like” and … [Read More...]


5 Steps to Making Sure Your Children Get What They Need from You

When you close the door behind you to head off to work each morning, you may wonder if your children are getting what they need. Do they cry themselves to sleep when you go on a business trip?  Are you missing important conversations after school?  Will your children tell you if they are having a problem with friends?   Will you know if they come … [Read More...]


Shhh… Your Child is Asleep (Perfect Time to Stay Awake)

There is nothing quite as sweet as your sleeping child. Even the big ones with long hairy legs hanging over the end of the bed, Dorito crumbs sitting ever so lightly on the lip, I-Phone snuggled close enough to make a mother worry about radio waves.  There is something magical about being awake as your child sleeps. And as parents we are awake … [Read More...]

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