Letting go of Mom guilt

Guilt! (Good God Y’all) What Is It Good For?

“Mom-guilt” is the phrase of the day. Moms seem to be slinking through life with more guilt than the guy who thought “New Coke” was a good idea. C’mon ladies, did you cause the collapse of Enron or dabble in Water Boarding as a child?  If not, I’d say it’s time to lighten up. And […]

Fixing our children

Fix Your Child, In 5 Easy Steps!

Why do we try to fix our children or fix things for our children? When my son was teased by snot-nosed Billy in 1st grade I wanted to march over to Billy’s house and give him a piece of my mind.  I was a jumble of emotions – like a trash can that someone should […]

50-Something Moms

Balancing Work & Family


The September Squeeze – Choosing Sanity

As I write those words, I feel my throat tightening, my heart thumping and my brow glistening with sweat.  It’s like a little 3-piece combo that’s playing the hot nightclub inside me: “Come down and see us, we’re here the entire month of September!” And here’s why the squeeze happens.   First of all, we […]

Your Parents Are Coming! Your Parents Are Coming!

I couldn’t resist the headline, but be assured, I am not comparing a family visit to a British Invasion. However,  if your family visits do make you take cover in the nearest bunker, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming blog post: ”How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?”  But I digress. […]

Do You Really Need To Be Liked in the Board Room?

Do you?  Some of the tougher ladies among us might say, “no.” But you know what?  Most of us do want to be liked.  So do men as a matter of fact. And yet, it seems that even after acquiring Scholarships, MBA’s, PhD’s and promotions, we still feel like a vulnerable 5th grader, hoping we […]