Downtime (You don’t have to spend all of it with your children.)

You can still be a good mommy and not spend every free moment with your children. You know that voice in your head (it’s talking to you right now) that tells you to sit on the floor and play with your children, when you really want to put your feet up and play a few rounds of “Words with Friends”?  It’s the same voice that admonishes you for … [Read More...]

Need Some Alone Time?

Need Some Time Alone (but feel a little guilty about it?)

It’s great to be home with your children, but is it relaxing? Taking a family vacation might be fun, but does it restore your energy? Chatting with your best friend may keep you laughing, but does it refresh you? Remember that Dan Hicks song: “How Can I Miss You, When You Won’t Go Away?”  There is something to that. We need time alone and … [Read More...]

No Need to Lose Yourself Just Because You're a Mom

Who Are You Again? No Need to Lose Yourself Just Because You Are a Mom!

After a few years of child rearing slumber it is easy to wake up, sleepily look around and wonder “What the %!@ happened to me? I think I had some talent right?  I could dance.  Wait, no. I could sing.  How come I can’t remember one song besides The Wheels on the Bus?  Or maybe I was the studious one – straight A’s and Pre-Law?  Wait a minute - I … [Read More...]

Mom’s Work Matters

Integrate Work & Family