Be a Leader That People Want to Follow

Breadwinner Moms: Be a Leader that People Want to Follow

Do you fantasize about a life in which your colleagues are willing to take your lead? Do you long for the day that your associates will agree to collaborate with you on a shared vision?  Can you imagine a world in which you feel like you're moving with your team at the office instead of like a salmon swimming upstream while your comrades head … [Read More...]


How to Choose, When Your Choices Look Like “Have-To’s.”

There are some days that seem to start with a list of "have to's," so overwhelming, it seems to mock you with it's length and tediousness. Like a group of "mean girls" on the first day of middle school, this gaggle of "have-to's" talks behind your back and gossips about your fashion choices - all in the service of one goal; to make your life … [Read More...]

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