Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve started a business at home or are building your business. You are getting on a roll and things are beginning to click. New marketing opportunities are showing up and clients and customers are finding you. And then, when summer starts and the kids are out of school, the progress slows and in some cases by mid-August it has drawn to a ear-bending screech of a halt!

And this can be pretty surprising, because you created wonderful plans and strategies about how you would steal 2 hours each morning to focus on phone calls, or perhaps an afternoon while the kids are playing, to get your office organized. But, summer can create many wonderful opportunities for diversion.

Not only do we need to be more flexible to accommodate camp schedules and swimming lessons, but we would like to take the opportunity to be with our children while they are not in school. If they are all sleeping in, we might like to sleep in too. And if we view the big picture, taking the opportunity to enjoy our children during the short time that we have them, is a no-brainer.

So what to do if you feel like your business needs to kick into gear…

1. Identify one or two actions you could take each day or week that would feel as though you are getting something done and commit to it. Even if you commit to one thing and get it done, that will feel much better than having a list of 10 things and nothing completed.

2. Focus on the important business activities. Let the busy work happen in the Fall – what must you do to keep your business moving?

3. Choose what is happening. If you find that you are spending less time on your business in order to be with your kids; embrace that as a choice and not something that is happening to you.

Jump starting my business, right after I take my nap.


Photo credit: Zoreslava, Dreamstime.com