Waking up to the sense that this is just another day – nothing to look forward to except a long list of to-dos?  

Getting to work early and leaving late just to barely scratch the surface of what is expected of you?

Feeling like no matter how much you delegate, let go of and complete, you are on an endless roller coaster ride?  You sense the ride operator has either fallen asleep or gone home to take a rest.  And that’s what you would like to do, if you could only get off this x%&*@ ride.

The first thing I will say is that I am not going to tell you to “do” anything about any of this. 

Why add another “do” to your endless list?  You know all the “do’s” already – meditate, get more sleep, eat healthy foods, spend time with friends, blah blah blah.  It’s all good stuff, but the idea of starting a new “regimen” of some kind, might just make you want to jump off the coaster before it stops.

No, I’m going to ask you to do something that might be harder.  I’m going to ask you to take a little 3-day “be-cation.”  A few days to simply “be.”

  • Be with the feeling of the endless roller coaster ride with no end in sight and no way to get off.  
  • Be with the sense that no matter how much you do, your list gets longer.
  • Be with the discomfort of doing nothing about it (for 3 days)

And during your be-cation – complain!

Yes, we know that complaining doesn’t really help anything in the long run.  But during your short be-cation, why not whine and complain to your heart’s delight?

And while you’re at it – cry!  

Shedding a few tears can be very rewarding and a perfect activity for your be-cation. Put on those tearjerker songs, watch a sad movie, read old love letters.  Wallow wallow wallow.

Eat too much!  

Order pizza and have an extra dessert.  Sit on the couch and eat an entire tub of ice cream. Enjoy all the flavors and having more than enough of what you love to eat.

And when you return from your vacation, notice any changes.  

Is there some relief from the pressure?  Do you see a small opportunity that wasn’t there before?  Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Coach Me Quick tips for taking a “Be-Cation”:

  1. Be
  2. Be
  3. Be

Becationing in L.A.!