Emmy Award Statue

Have you heard?  The Emmy nominations are in.  And your well-known and lauded quadrillion-part series entitled “Too much to do” has been nominated and so has its star – YOU. 

You’re a veteran by now, of course – the Meryl Streep of your much-loved series.  And again, you are being applauded for a job well done.  You’re admired for your incredible talent, the way you show up with your lines memorized, hitting every mark on the first take. 

And the writers keep cranking out the scripts.  Just when you begin to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, there’s a whole new story line, co-stars and locations.  It’s not unusual after a 60-hour week, to drive home fantasizing about your character being “killed-off” and replaced by her less-efficient but oh-so-much-happier twin sister.

But the next morning, there you are – right on time, in the makeup chair, ready to show up and shine, run your lines and carry the show over the finish line.

Of course, there are perks!  Here you are nominated again for the (how many years?) @%&! time!  And they will give you a massive trophy to acknowledge you, that may be a bit too heavy to carry home.  Why wouldn’t they bow down to you – you make their lives easier?

But who is making your life easier and how many trophies can you fit on that over-stuffed mantle?

We know the show must go on and that you love what you do.  It’s just that when you negotiated your last contract, you forgot to include an addendum that any celebrity of your stature deserves… some small breaks.  That’s all.  A few small breaks.

Here’s the good news; it’s time to re-up your contract and you have a choice each and every day, to add in some small breaks. 

Coach Me Quick tips for adding in small breaks:

  1.  Understand that even though you don’t think you have time for small breaks, you do.
  2. Notice the small breaks you already take but don’t acknowledge as small breaks and so don’t truly get the benefit of the break. 
  3. Make a list of potential small breaks; leaving work 30 minutes early or arriving 30 minutes late, asking someone else to figure out dinner, taking a new route to work, delegating something trivial, supporting your team to go home early by modeling it yourself, sitting down in your favorite place for 15 minutes when you get home. 
  4. Change your work and household routines.  Surprise yourself by getting up on a Saturday and going out to breakfast instead of doing something practical like exercise or errands. 
  5. Change the way you exercise.  If you like jogging, try out a spinning class. 
  6. Be where you are and find the break in that moment.  Look out the window in your office – is there something you have never noticed before?  What do you love about your car?  Take time to appreciate your surroundings.
  7. Schedule in the breaks.  If walking with your friends gives you the break you need, schedule it in and don’t let it get swallowed up by work.

Taking a small break now in L.A.


Photo credit: ITU Pictures