blue heart Boy there’s a lot of conversation out there in the Google-sphere about Millennials in the Workplace!

You can barely send a Snap or post to Instagram while enjoying your morning cup of artisanal coffee without reading about the Millennials and how they are changing the workplace.

If you are to believe it all, the Millennials are a real challenge and they have crazy expectations.  Who do they think they are?

First of all, they want to work for companies that give back to the local and global community.  Come on people!  Ever heard of Capitalism?  What a bunch of whiners!

And they don’t want to spend a lot of time spinning their wheels on stuff that doesn’t matter.  If they see a way to be more efficient they want to be able to optimize their time even if it means asking their boss to change the ways things have “always been done.”  Don’t they know that work is about playing lots of Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and Words with Friends in between short spurts of actual work time?  Catch a clue!

Plus, if they come up with good ideas, they want to see them implemented!  And, they would like to be acknowledged for those good ideas.  Well boo-hoo!

The real kicker is that they want to be “mentored” by their bosses and would like to be given the opportunity to learn leadership skills.  Plus, if they are bringing value to the company, they would like to progress quickly up the ranks.

And what do their companies get in return?  Out of the box thinking, creativity, a workforce of technology natives and the core values of social justice and community outreach.

Is that what we want?

You bet!  And this is how you can help:

4 Steps to Communicating with Millennials:

  1. Develop your own Executive Presence. Build your self-confidence.  The most powerful people don’t have to prove it.  Practice quiet power.
  2. Develop your ability to ask Questions. Asking open ended questions will bring creative and thoughtful answers.
  3. Develop your ability to Listen. Listening creates trust and loyalty.  Plus, listening is the first step to learning anything new.
  4. Everyone deserves to be acknowledged.  Find small and large ways to acknowledge your colleagues, bosses and direct reports.

Practice these skills and you will see real change in your workplace communication, productivity and retention.  These skills also translate well to family and friends.   Good luck!

These skills are easy to understand but take time to implement.  To learn more, please join me for a free webinar next Wednesday, February 3rd.  Learn more and register here.

Photo credit: Cocoa Dream via Compfight