I’m guessing you’re focused on the end of 2018?  You may be busy planning some well- deserved time off or dashing to the finish of a series of work projects.  Not to mention the volunteering, shopping, planning, wrapping and more.

But as you dash, work and wrap, are you remembering to take time to prep for your next big event – 2019?  After all, awards season is getting under way.  

Why not consider 2019 to be your personal Oscars and make the most of it?

Just like every actor, director and writer who will be attending the Oscars this year, you have worked hard to get where you are.  And just like every actor, director and writer, you could be creating a strategy for leveraging that hard work as you make your next big move, whether it be in your career or your personal life.

No matter what, your 2019 will be an important show.  

Lots of talented people will be there.  You’ll laugh, cry and probably wonder why certain people win, while others lose.  You may disagree with some decisions and at times get so caught up with the glitz that you lose sight of the things that matter most to you.  It happens to everyone.

Why not take the opportunity now, as you prepare for the big event, to make the most of it?

Coach Me Quick Tips for Getting “2019 Ready:”

Are you ready for your Close-Up?

Who is the you that you would like to see get out of that limo on show day?  The real you.  The you that you like the best.  What will it take to make sure your favorite “you” is front and center when the Klieg lights start streaming across the sky? 

Your Plus-one (or many):

Who’s going to the show with you?  Are there relationships that aren’t serving you anymore or are holding you back?  Are there people you would like to bring in to your life?  This is your show and you get to choose who shares the excitement with you.

Walking the Red Carpet:  

What’ll you say to the paparazzi when they ask; How did you do it?and What’s next?

Is there something exciting that you could announce on the red carpet?  New job?  Big move?  Travel plans?  What are you willing to declare with the world watching?

And the Winner Is:

Well we know the winner is you, but who will you be thanking in your acceptance speech?  How will you use your time on stage to make a difference either large or small?  

The Governor’s Ball:

When 2019 is over and you are celebrating with a glass of champagne surrounded by all the people you brought to the show with you, what do you hope will have happened?  And what can you do now to make sure it does happen?  

Right now, you might feel like a nominee who’s anticipating a wonderful 2019, but will you win?  Will you get a chance to make your speech?  Will you dance all the way home with your trophy?

I say yes… it’s a thrill to be nominated, but this is your year to win it all!