What if you had a chance to take a “leave of presence” this week? 

I can’t take credit for the idea.  Roger Ebert shared his intention to “take a leave of presence,” a couple of weeks ago, when he was diagnosed with a re-occurrence of Cancer.  He passed away just a few days later. 

That’s a powerful concept and through his sharing, he gave us the opportunity to take that concept and run with it. 

Or rather, sit with it.

Would you like to try?  What if you were to stop reading this article right now and be present to your surroundings; noticing where you are, how your body feels and what you see? 

Do you have one minute? 

Alright.  Ready. Set. Go.

I’ll wait right here.


Hartwig HKD via Compfight

Welcome back.

What did you notice?  The best thing about the exercise is that there is no “right” way to do it.  Whatever happened during that minute is a learning opportunity. 

If you chose to keep reading and not take the minute to be present – that is not right or wrong – just a choice.  What do you take away from having made that choice?

If you chose to take the minute, what did you notice?  Was it easy? 

Did your mind drift off like a raft on the open sea with no sense of time? Or, did you find yourself peeking at the clock – checking to see if the minute was up?

Maybe you spent the whole time thinking “I’m not good at this kind of thing” or “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?”

And, if you enjoyed it so much that you have either fallen asleep or chosen to stop reading this article all together, there is learning there too. 

What a gift a “leave of presence” is to each of us.  Why not give it to ourselves on a regular basis?

Coach Me Quick Tips for Taking a Leave of Presence:

1.  Take a 1-minute “leave of presence.”  Notice if you receive any value from that minute.  It may be subtle like relaxed shoulders or more significant, such as an “aha” moment or form of self awareness.

2.  Experiment with taking more time.  What could happen in 2 minutes?  Or 5?

3.  How could you have 1 minute of presence each day.  Maybe you could set an alarm on your phone or perhaps you can remember at a certain time each day.

4.  Notice how more presence supports all you do.  Are you more efficient when you are more present?  Are you happier? Do your children seem more satisfied with your attention?  Are you more creative at work?

Presence is a gift.. and it comes with lots of extra goodies.  You deserve them all!

Right here in L.A.,


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