We’ve all been in work environments that are a mess.  Whether it’s a bad boss, outdated systems or a lackluster company culture, a mess is a mess is a mess.

And you try to fix it.  You talk to people.  You come up with solutions and share them with the “appropriate leaders” so that you don’t step on any toes.  

And when things don’t change, you may lose hope and hide.  You’ll keep your head down and do your job as best as you can.  You may chat with colleagues about how messy the mess is until that stops being satisfying.  Eventually, it all feels like a waste of time.  

And then the spiral continues. You may question your own work ethic and talent.  You may wonder how you got to this place and if you’ll ever get out.

Due to circumstances out of your control, you find yourself in an alternate reality worthy of a Twilight Zone episode.  You wanted this job at one time.  You even fought to get it.  But now that you’ve been invited to fly with the company brass, you watch the leaders go about their business ignoring the monster that lurks outside the window.  (A reference to a classic Twilight Zone episode; Nightmare at 20,000 feet

Someone’s crazy and it isn’t you. But this isn’t about a simple fix – your company probably needs a transformation in order to get back on course.

If transformation sounds radical – it is. The definition of transformation is; a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

But a transformation can begin with small incremental steps.  It has been said that all flights are off course 99% of the time.  What the pilot does is to continuously course correct. She makes choices in each moment based on many different details to address the needs of the plane in that moment combined with the ultimate destination of the flight.  

So being off course is exactly right – 99% of the time.  So if your company is in need of a transformation, how can you change the course of the flight ever so slightly?  

Coach Me Quick tips for transforming your company one course correction at a time:

  1.  Notice what you and your colleagues are complaining about and stop complaining.  Instead, start asking questions; “If one small change could be made to make our experience better each day, what would that be and how can we do it?”
  2. Identify a process or system that you can change. It may be very small but go ahead and change it and see what happens. For example; you always deliver your weekly report by email on Friday afternoon. Change it and then ask what people think – what works best? Just the consideration and conversation will shake things up a bit.
  3. Be of service to one of your colleagues.  Go the extra mile to make her work load a little easier or reach out and offer your help.
  4. Take a risk. It might be to engage in a conversation with the “big” boss about solutions or sharing what you see as the challenges.
  5. Make your world a little better at work.  Take yourself to lunch or add something fun or entertaining to your office.   
  6. Take the initiative to connect with colleagues by taking some extra time to chat, gathering for happy hour or institute a monthly staff lunch.
  7. Do something new and different each day.  It could be taking a new path to the lunchroom, establishing a relationship with a colleague you don’t know very well or challenging the top leadership to make some changes.

Transformation begins with you and your small incremental course corrections.  Have a great flight!

99% off course in L.A.,