Andy Warhol, Campbell's Soup Cans with viewerMaybe you yearn to be a bit more Nike and a bit less Keds?

Or perhaps there is a Danskin Leotard whispering in your ear in hopes of prying you out of your Lululemons?

When is the last time you took stock of your brand at the office and at home and changed things up a bit?

Whether you are Fredericks of Hollywood, Victoria’s Secret or GapBody, you have created a brand and you are the CEO.  And since you are in charge, every once in a while you have the power to re-assess where the brand is going and make a few changes.

So what is your brand?

Of course it is a combination of who you see yourself to be and how others perceive you.  Maybe you are always on time or always late. That is a part of your brand.

It could be that you are the kind of person people feel they can talk to about sensitive issues?  Or perhaps your colleagues rely on you to be the “voice of reason” around the conference table?

Whether you have intentionally cultivated aspects of your brand, or not, here you are selling your brand of toothpaste, just like all human beings on the planet.

Are you happy with what you are selling?

A few things might pop into your mind as you begin to take a look at your personal brand.  For instance, you may notice that you have two or more brands operating.  Often we identify a personal brand at work and something different at home.

Now is the time to think about whether you want to combine those brands or continue to keep them separated.  Either way is ok – you are the boss remember?

Coach Me Quick Tips for Re-Branding YOU:

  1. Who Are You?  At your essence you have certain attributes.  You may be confident, insecure, expressive, shy, inclusive or reticent.  You are definitely a combination of many attributes. What is an attribute that you exhibit regularly that you would like to keep as a part of your brand?  What is an attribute that you are ready to let go of?  Maybe you want to hold onto your amazing ability to create connection between people?  And perhaps it is time to let go of holding back when people ask you for your ideas?
  2. What Do People Expect?  We create the expectations that people have of us.  Are you happy with the expectations that others have of you?  You may want to hold on to the expectation that you will always treat people with kindness and respect but let go of the expectation that you will always put your own needs behind the needs of others.
  3. What are the elements of your brand?  This is about how you show up in the world.  Yes, it could be about how you present yourself physically, but it is also about what causes you are interested in, the kinds of conversations you start and the people you choose to spend time with.
  4. What’s your tagline?  Maybe it’s something like; “(your name here)… She Knows What She Wants!”  Or, perhaps it’s “(your name here)… Bringing Light and Love Daily!”  Maybe you want to change your tag line every week?

Remember that you have control of your brand and that all brands need to change over time.

Re-Branding in L.A.,


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Photo credit:  Steven Zucker via Compfight