Think of a time that you were in the “zone.”

Maybe it was when you were giving a presentation and you were so prepared, you seamlessly clicked through the Powerpoint, answering every question with ease.  You inspired people.

Or it might have been when your child had something important to show you and you had the presence of mind to sit down and give her your full attention with no distractions.  You showed her that she is worth your time.

Perhaps it was when you had the patience to listen to an employee who was upset with you without feeling the need to defend or deflect.  Your listening changed everything.

These are examples of executive presence and we all have it.  But, the more we utilize our Executive Presence, the stronger it becomes and the more easily we can call upon it when needed.  When we call upon our executive presence, it’s like pulling out our magic wand – anything is possible.

Coach Me Quick tips for utilizing your magic wand:

Open Sesame Awareness!Simply notice when you are practicing executive presence and when you are not.  The act of noticing in and of itself, will shift your ability to exemplify executive presence more often.

Cast a spell of CuriosityEven if you think you know all the answers or have “heard it all before,” what can you find in what you are hearing or seeing, to be curious about?  If you are truly curious, you cannot be distracted or bored.

Nothing up your sleeve but Warmth  Give the gift of kindness and generosity.  The power of kindness and generosity cannot be overstated – they will ground you, create long lasting connections and expand your ability to positively impact others.

Cook up a potion of Clarity  Know what you stand for and why.  When you have absolute clarity about your values, standards and boundaries, you will no longer have to prove anything.

Abracadabra and you’re in the Back Seat  The best leaders, are great followers.  Find opportunities to let others lead.

Shazam Acknowledgement!  Observe those around you and acknowledge early and often.

Executive presence is not about doing, it’s about being.

And with practice, you will have people standing in the aisles applauding your incredible magicianship.

As always, I love to hear from you!  Let me know what your experience of executive presence is, by emailing me at or commenting on the blog.

Practicing some Hocus Pocus in L.A,


Photo credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay