Muffy! As I said, this will just take two minutes… (and at the end I have a free opportunity to share with you)

I know it’s just after the Holidays and you are used to being in relaxing, shopping, cooking or wrapping mode.  Perhaps you are worn out or maybe you are feeling grateful for the extra time you had to sleep in or TV binge?

You might be traveling home from spending time with loved ones or putting your house back together after hosting a New Years Eve blowout.

No matter what your situation is, this is the perfect time to take two minutes for yourself to practice mindfulness…. YES, just TWO minutes!

What can be accomplished in two minutes?  Plenty.

Recently a group of neuroscientists did a study on the MindUP program that takes mindfulness training into schools.  They found that if students took 3 two-minute brain breaks per day, optimism in the class went up 80% and aggression on the playground went down by 30%.  (AARP The Magazine, December 2014, “Mindfulness Matters.”)

That is six minutes total.  Imagine what your benefit would be with just 3 two-minute breaks in your day to focus on your breathing or just closing your eyes?  How would it feel to up your optimism and lower your feelings of frustration?

But when?  I know that the idea of taking two minutes, 3 times each day is easy and that the reality is much harder.  It is strange, but days go whizzing by and we don’t take those moments – in fact, we can’t even find those moments in our lives.  We can make dinner for 5 after a 10 hour day while reading a story to our 2 year old.  But we cannot find two minutes for ourselves.

Shouldn’t that change?  If you were to make one simple change and add in two minutes each day (let’s put 6 minutes on the back burner for now,) in 3 weeks you would find yourself in the habit of the two minute break.

So before you read on, let’s do it.  I know, I know.  Seems crazy.  But how about you take two minutes right now.  And if you are resisting this idea – notice how hard it is to get yourself to stop in this moment and give yourself a break.

If you choose to take the challenge:

  1. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  2. When thoughts enter your mind, let them float right on out.
  3. I’ll still be here when you are done.
  4. Ready, set, go.

Welcome back.  How was it?

If you took the two minutes, notice what happened.  If you didn’t take the two minutes, that’s O.K. too.  Just notice what got in the way.  Maybe it was a thought or a circumstance?  Maybe it is the same thought or circumstance that stops you in other situations?

Whatever happened, it is not right or wrong – it’s just an opportunity to learn something new and perhaps, make a new choice.

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Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Taking two minutes in L.A.,


Photo credit: kris krüg via Compfight