1964 ... World's Fair hair-dos! You’ve got friends, right?

Of course you do – they pop up on Facebook or Instagram.  They just got married, broke up or re-ignited an old flame. They share their political quotes and take pictures of every amazing and colorful meal they eat.  You know their children even better than you know your own children and you are happy to “like” and “share” their posts, as they do yours.

Technology allows us to see, engage and keep up with friends and family constantly.  What an amazing time to be living in.  People who in the past might have fallen away from our lives, can now be in our lives daily – allowing connections that never would have been possible just a decade ago.

The faces are endless and you are in touch, but are you truly connected?

Do you remember high-school and college?  Hours spent “hanging out,” bonding in silence.  Sharing the mundane and the pedestrian.  Good days, bad days, boyfriends, girlfriends.  You walked through your life with friends at your side and their presence grounded you.

That was a time of friendship that was based on being in the same room with someone.  You saw lots of the same faces, day in and day out.  But was it any better?  Were you always truly connected?

Of course, the answer is no.  Connection between friends can happen no matter what the circumstance.  We all have friends that we don’t see often but when we do come together, it’s as though no time has passed.  That is connection – but how did we create it?

What is true about the life of a Breadwinner Mommy, is that you don’t have time to fool around with friendships that are not truly connected and you’re not willing to give up connection in order to have your family and job, thrive. Whether virtual or in-person, there is a quality to a connected friendship that is worth preserving and cultivating.

Coach Me Quick Tips for Staying Connected:

1. Think about your friendships.  Identify 1 friendship that stands out for you as an example of true connection.

2.  How do you and your friend create that connection?  Is it through sharing, consistency, time, getting together in person or sharing experiences?

3.  What can you do today to nurture that friendship and make the connection stronger? If getting together for coffee on a regular basis works for you – text her and set up a coffee date.

4.  Now identify a friend that you would like to be more connected to.  Maybe she is a mom at your child’s school or a colleague at work?  How have you created the small connection that you do have?

5.  What can you do today, to build on that?

Friendship and connection are the result of intention and action.  It just takes a little water to see that seed begin to grow.

Watering like crazy in L.A!


Photo credit: James Vaughan via Compfight